Monday, August 26, 2019

how to build a log cabin in the UK from delivery to fit out - accordingly to caravan act and building regulations

This is one of our projects and how we have tackled it.

First, start with a level concrete pad.
Reinforced and already with water, wastewater and electricity supplies as well as ring earth.
The pad needs to be elevated about 300mm from the ground.

Next, get a telehandler 4to to support the build

Next start to build the floor raft. There are other construction methods but this project has had a deeply impregnated floor raft with subfloor and ventilation under it.

Level the raft and fix it to the foundation pad.
Fit also a metal net to avoid animal traffic under the house.
The floor raft is made out of 2 parts to please the caravan act.
Floor layers are 44/198 mm at a distance of 600 mm c/c or 400 mm c/c. This floor raft is deep impregnated. Even such material will need to have a Uv and weather protection treatment after the building is build up.

The telescope handler is a 4 to one and the right tool to use for projects as it saves time and men power.

Start to build logs accordingly to plan.
Log rows are screwed together or wooden "nails" are used.  

 Purlins from laminated wood are fitted. We have attached the roof rafter angle brackets before we have lifted the beams.

Roof rafters are lined up and fitted. 

We used here roof rafter angle brackets and ring nails.

Next breathable membrane and ventilation lath and OSB boards

On top of OSB board bitumen felt and bitumen shingles are fitted. 

Drip trim from metal

 Ventilated ridge element

ridge ready

Next a breathable membrane to the inside of the outside walls and uprights fitted with sliding brackets.
Insulation in the fields and electric cable fitted.
Vapor control layer and inside boards.
Also, there are different possibilities we could have used a cross-layer to avoid hurting the inner membrane and such but here we finished just with inside boards or plasterboards in defined areas.

Next to adding furniture and bathrooms and moving in.

The terrace will have its own floor raft 

we did for the MC project a covered entrance as the region is well known for a bit of rain. This extended roof overhang is providing extra protection of the facade.

From the design of the log cabins to completion of the first fix of the log cabins. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sauna "red skin"

This 70mm log cabin has 3 rooms. One sauna room, a changing room, and a shower corner.
We have 2 roof versions. The first one is a roof rafter roof with lath for tiles and big roof overhangs.
The other option is a roof with 3 purlins and roof boards and a bitumen shingle roof. 
The windows are double or alternatively also triple glazed.
We offer the house with a wooden floor or without so the client can put floor tiles.
The preferred foundation for such a log cabin sauna is a concrete pad foundation.
The log cabin sauna will come flat packed

Monday, May 28, 2018


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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

residential 2 bed room log cabin

This houses are made accordingly to the caravan act and have been approved many times in the UK. 
We build them in different versions and have provided mobility test for them.