Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blockhaus Typ Aili 180 Passivhaus/ log house 180m2 as passive house


  1. Is this house is still under construction? What I have noticed is that they have the view which quite gives the feeling of loneliness. Great construction work by the way.

  2. Hi! This house is ready you can find more photos under section living houses. The house is outside insulated as our climate is is quite demanding and we need a ventilated fascade. So from inside you have a full log home and from outside boards. We can also insulate from the inside for clients who want to have the log house look from the outside. Take a look at the and see how the house is looking ready. It is in the middle of a small village on a 2000 sqm plot. Heating system is a earth heat collector for the under floor heating. The client installed a central mechanical ventilation system. Windows are IV78 triple glazed.