Thursday, January 17, 2019

public building to building regulations and RT2012 eco school building prefabricated log cabin

The total size of the building is 12 m x37 m 
12 m x 22 m is the school block and 
12 m x 15 m is the Aula room for sport and meetings
The house is energy efficient and heated by infrared heaters ( client´s choice).

First day the first rooms are taking shape. The scaffolding the client fitted in advance.

laminated 140x800 mm ridge purlin with roof rafter angle brackets 

Design stages of this prefabricated log cabin

It takes a bit as the club is finishing but they will get there!

Ventilated facade with pre-stained boards
Hinterlüftete hybrid Blockhauswand

Client fitted roof insulation and membrane upstairs, supervised self build! Still a challenge and a bit of work ahead. The boards have been prestained and will need another layer of stain.
The roof has 300 mm of  Rockwool, the membrane is the client´s choice. The u value of the roof is about 0,11 W/m2K and can be with another type of insulation also 0,09 W/m2K.
Zwischensparrendämmung mit  Kreuzlattung, hier bauen das die Kunden unter fachkundiger Anleitung ein.

Log cabin detail - adjustable post foot, in this case, a purlin support
Verstellbarer Stützenfuss im Blockhaus!

 Room in use. Whilst other rooms of this residential log cabin are still under construction, some rooms are already in use and students can learn how to play instruments.