Technical Solutions for log homes

On this page you find some of the possible solutions. Other constructions are possible too.
Lets discuss your requirements.

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project: Living house

10 working days in rain and snow

Some details used in the past!

Detail: Outside insulation of outside wall -this is an older solution which is used only for summer houses in this days. Just ask for the present Living house solution.
Detail: insulated roof
For a standard insulated roof the u value roof is 0,15W/m2k till 0,13W/m2k. For log homes we use also a construction with cross button to reach a u value of 0,1 W/m2K

Detail: outside insulation offers a pleasant climate and an optimum of energy efficientcy
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New 78mm window profile with PUR layer. The same profile we offer also without PUR layer and 41mm tripple glazing.
Ask us for this extra feature!

 standard doors have 3 point locks from Assa -the photo shows a door outward opening with a little window color "Nussbaum"

                                          classic log cross with an adjustable post to support the purlin

It took 3 men 5 working days to build the house under roof, including tiles and fitting doors and windows.

It took another 4 weeks to do the second fix and all other installation including, water, heating, elt, staings, floor tiling