Friday, May 29, 2020

home office, guest house, granny annex, log cabin prefabricated flat packed price

We made this home office
for times you will need or want to work from home.
Big roof overhangs to the sides are protecting the room from becoming to hot and they also work as con-structural wood protection.
We obviously can do such houses in any size you wish.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

granny annex residential log cabin How to build quick a log home

Outside insulated log cabin
We can reach the required u values of the building regulations

 1st day, delivery of the packs, starting to build

 End of day one, roof rafters are positioned

 Day two: fixing roof rafters, placing pieces between rafters, fascia and gable boards

 Day three: prepare roof membrane and lath

 day four: tiles
 Day five: MCB and uprights, outside insulation
Day six to 10: Insulating, roof ceiling, electritian, water- waste water supply
Day eleven till fourteen: Trim, floor, staining.